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Severed Bonds

  The death of his wife pushed Dominic to prove to the cops that it wasn’t an accident like they had ruled. The way it happened left to many questions for him and he was determined to answer them. It had become obvious to him that someone didn’t want him to learn the truth. For every answer he uncovered it lead to two more that did not make sense. He was fast coming to the realization that he may never solve her murder when a new love enters his life. Was she part of his invisible chess partners game or was she an unknowing pawn? Determined to keep her from his wife’s fate Dominic must lure out his opponent, find the answers to years old questions and see just how involved his new woman is before he proves he isn’t enough to keep her safe.  


Romantic Suspense Novels


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 After several near fatal attempts on her life Johanna is forced out of the cocoon of security she had built around her. Thrust for the first time into uncertainty she must now choose who to trust. The best friend she could always count on or the man who seems to be in the right place at the right time.
Surrendering to the knowledge she now faced unknown enemies, with danger lurking around every corner her pragmatic side must now step aside for spur of the moment decisions, to reckless passion, putting control and her life in the hands of someone else.