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Her Savior - Book 2 Bassett Hotels

Anyone who was watching would say that Janice thrived by making chaos in the lives of those around her but the truth was, she only wanted to keep those she loved from making the same mistakes she had. For Janice every time she tried to help she ended up making it worse. After her latest disaster she ran to the one person who truly knew her and loved her, but not for the first time she wondered when his patience would finally run out.

Ethan had loved Janice she the moment he went crashing through her dorm room door all those years ago, but she had made it clear that he was securely in the friend-zone., After years of watching her implode relationship after relationship it was time to take a stand, to make her see him as more than a friend, unfortunately for Ethan the old saying be careful what you wish was going to come back and bite him in the ass.

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Paradise Falls

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Her career was in the hands of a demanding client, her only chance at redemption was to play by their rules.

Driven by the need to prove she could handle the multimillion-dollar project the last thing she expected was to be saddled with her step sister out to sabotage her at every turn. Trying to do her job and keep Janice in line Amanda thought she had everything under control until she met Russ.  Suddenly work was the last thing on her mind.

Hotel Mogul was a title Russ wanted to shed, if only for a few days. 

When a clingy hotel guest mistakes him for an employee Russ is more than willing to play the part until he meets Amanda. Now he must take the biggest gamble of his life, let her believe he is only an employee, praying she forgives him for lying or tell her the truth and risk never knowing if she loves him for him or his money.